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Prostate support.

Prostate support. Vitamins for Prostate Support – an effective way to avoid prostatitis. Prostatitis is one of the most unpleasant diseases for men. It is accompanied by difficulties in urination, negatively affects the functioning of the reproductive system and, as a result, leads to increased irritability and deterioration of the psycho-emotional state. These effects can […]Read More

Antiquities: the second life of the cassette portable.

Antiquities: the second life of the cassette portable. 2003 year. I make a voyage to a small-scale wholesale electronics store in Moscow, known to many, shelling out cash for a CD / MP3 player. I take a portable cassette player with me: do not go to the subway in silence. Without leaving the store, I […]Read More

Professional pencils for artists.

Drawing is the basis of fine art, its alpha and omega. What distinguishes professionals from amateurs is the manner of holding a pencil and the ability to make quick but precise and expressive sketches. The painter, designer or architect fixes his ideas, not yet fully formed ideas in the form of fluent sketches. But pencil […]Read More

An original solution for temporary and permanent housing – a house on the water.

Illustrative examples of floating structures in Holland, India, Germany, Canada and other countries could not be ignored by our compatriots. Houses on the water are now becoming popular in Russia. There are many water areas in the country suitable for such construction. The floating house has a lot of advantages, which lead to the growth […]Read More

Owners reviews Nissan Almera 1.4 MT 1997 (Nissan Almera) hatchback 5-door.

Nissan Almera in the back of n 15 hatchback 4 dr 1997 release. The car is very practical and economical. It is very cheap on the secondary market, but it is almost impossible to find a “live” copy. I’m lucky. The car was well maintained. Engine without problems. The paintwork is normal, there are no […]Read More

Reviewed by Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 dCi (2011)

I bought a new car. I chose from Pajero, Pajero sports, Pathfinder. We needed a roomy car, noticeable on the road. Pathfinder won in terms of the combination of qualities: a spacious interior (laconic, but not repulsive either by materials or ergonomics), the rear rows fold into a flat floor, low diesel consumption = high […]Read More

Opel Astra 1997 – owner review.

The car was bought with my own money at my young age of 19 for 4800 euros in May 2004. needed a cheap car, not only when buying but also in content. When buying, there was a mileage of 50k km. when selling about 210k km. for 3 years and 2 months. Motor: very reliable […]Read More

Review of InterStep OTG USB Flash 16 GB.

Hello dear readers. In this review I will consider a very interesting solution from INTERSTEP – OTG microUSB USB3.0 Flash Drive. As you might guess from the name, this is not an ordinary flash drive, but with the additional ability to connect to mobile devices with USB-HOST (OTG) support. Moreover, directly, an additional cable is […]Read More

Lubricant for ball joints and tips.

As a lubricant for ball joints and steering ends, lithium-based lubricants are most often used, because they are the cheapest, and its operational is quite sufficient for normal operating conditions (at temperatures from -40 ° C to 90 ° C). And the main requirements for a smear for these nodes are viscosity – NLGI 2, […]Read More

Review of types of floor coverings.

Floors in residential and non-residential premises always carry several functions for consumers (read residents, employees of enterprises and organizations, etc.). These functions can be divided into two groups: consumer and aesthetic. Let’s consider each of these groups separately. Aesthetic functions. The appearance of the floor covering, as a rule, carries the aesthetics that are inherent […]Read More

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